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AwardMe App: Helps Organize Your Credit Card Points

Award Me, available for iPhone and Apple Watch, tracks your spending in order to help you maximize your spending habits. The program “allows you to maximize the number of points you earn so you can get as many free perks as possible.” The app tells the user which credit card to use for a specific purchase and why. The AwardMe app shows all your credit cards, along with potential points available and the amount you’ll need to spend to unlock them. If you touch on a specific card it focus on only that card and its spending limit, points available, and how many days you have to claim the offer.

AwardMe has also “integrated with 1Password through an iOS 8 app extension,” which allows users an easy way of signing up for a new account. The app also allows the user the ability to sign up for new credit cards, with details of potential offers. This app is beneficial in the sense that all your credit card information is centralized into a single app in which it is easier for the user to maximize their points. As a consumer, problems might arise. Security might be the biggest threat for the consumer since all their financial information will be contained within the app. Overall, this is a good way to organize your points and purchases.

(Source: Business Insider)

(Photo: Shinya Suzuki)

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