Airline Miles Card FAQ

Q. What is an airline miles card?
An airline miles card is an airline branded credit card.  These card typically come with special bonuses upon approval and special frequent flyer rewards for all your expenses toward that branded airline.

Q. What is the best airline miles card deal out there?
The answer depends on your habits, including your travel habits, airline of choice, location, etc.  In other words, the best deal might not even serve your market or the best deal for you might not serve another person’s region.

Q. Should I take the offer for a free round trip ticket with an annual fee of $95?
The short answer is NO, since most of the good offers will waive the annual fee for the first year.  The longer answer will depend on the actual round trip ticket in question – if it is a round trip ticket from the U.S. to India, then it is probably worth paying the $95.

Q. Can I apply for multiple cards and take advantage of offers for multiple times?
No, credit card companies have gotten smarter and smarter over the years. They now restrict (and they do have legitimate reasons) the bonuses to be applied to first time card members who have never take advantage of the same offer or deal for that card previously.

Q. Why do I hear my friend say he’s has taken the offer twice?
One possible reason is that he canceled his own card for an extended period of time before apply for the new one. There is no confirmed length on that time period before your status resets, but our experiences tell us card companies will allow you to take advantage of the bonus if you have canceled your old card for 6 to 12 months.

Q. Is there another way to take advantage of the offers more than once?
Yes, there is a legitimate way to “double dip” on this – by using a business credit card version. Many credit cards have near identical offers for the business version and personal version, and they usually don’t restrict the number of times on the business versions. You have to be a business owner or authorized executive to apply for a business credit card under the company’s name.

Q. Will they take the miles back from my account if I cancel the card?
It is virtually impossible for them to take the miles back – you could have spent the miles the very next week after you receive them.  Going after you will cost them much more than the miles are worth.  However, it is always recommended that you read the terms and conditions when you apply for the card. It takes a short 15 minutes and can save you plenty of unnecessary headache.

Q. Do these special promotional miles expire?
There is NO DIFFERENCE between promotional bonus miles and regular miles you accumulate.  It depends on the airline frequent flyer program.  Some will expire 24 to 36 months, while some will never expire. Of course, it is probably not smart to hold on to your miles forever since they can always change (raise) the redemption cost and your miles will depreciate as a result.

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