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These are the policy updates pertaining to specific issuers, industry, and regulations.

Booking Fee for American Airlines Reduced Mileage Rewards (for AAdvantage Card Holders)

American Airlines have just changed their rules and they will no longer require AAdvantage cardholders to pay the $25 booking fee with AA reservations. All you will have to pay is the fees!!!!

Here is the link for more information: American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards

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Southwest Airlines’ Rapid Rewards Program

Every airline has some sort of frequent flyers program.  The one from Southwest Airlines is called Rapid Rewards.  For some unknown reasons, the rules for earning points, keeping points, and spending points differ quite a bit from other frequent flyer programs.

Earning Points
You can earn points by flying Southwest, by using the Southwest credit card, and through Southwest partners.

  • Flying Southwest: your points are calculated by the fare type and price.Earning miles by flying southwest (more…)
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